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I became a business owner years ago through multiple side hustles with just a dream of one day quitting my day job and being my own boss.

Little did I know that there was much more to being a boss than just saying I'm an entrepreneur. I didn't realize that I also needed to learn how to THINK like a boss in order to have a successful and profitable business that didn't require me to work tirelessly for over 18 hours a day. I also didn't know how difficult it would be to operate a business AND train and develop other people to help run the business. I couldn’t see clearly how to delegate the right tasks to the right people.

I also didn’t trust other people to do what I had hired them to do. It wasn't until I almost crashed and burned in both life and business that I realized I needed a better ecosystem if I was going to truly DOMINATE my life. After almost 10 years of entrepreneurship, I finally figured out the secret to dominating my lane. Now I'm helping others do the same. I believe the secret sauce of entrepreneurship is being able to create systems that allow you to work ON the business and not IN the business.


In order to effectively build a thriving business, entrepreneurs need systems and strategies that they can use to confidently build efficient teams that operate their ecosystems without the need of constant supervision. I'm honored that I get to travel the world and share these strategies with other entrepreneurs that feel like they can't let go of the hustle and grind mentality long enough to enjoy the spoils of their successes. I help them to not feel guilty about stepping away from the daily hustle mode to see that their businesses are actually capable of thriving even when they aren't present.


I actually LIVE and do what I teach. I am my brand and I serve not just as a coach but an accountability partner and confidante for my clients. 

My versatile work history and business ventures allow me to be relatable to any stage or phase that they are experiencing in their life and/or business. I've been a "wannapreneur" then graduated to a solopreneur, then entrepreneur and now serial entrepreneur that allows other people and systems to run my businesses. I've been the business and the solo employee of my business. I've lead small teams of less than 5 and I've delegated tasks to teams of over 100 people. I speak from experience and confidence when I coach and train other business owners.

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